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What's all the noise about Ultrasound

Airborne & Structure Borne ultrasound have been gaining tremendous popularity over the last decade. Very simple to use, relatively inexpensive and requires minimal training to delivery fast, accurate results for any industrial environment.

Key applications focus on 5 main focus areas:

Leak detection (compressed air, compressed gas & vacuum leaks)

Steam system inspections (steam traps, boiler tubes, condenser tubes, valves)

Mechanical (bearings, gears, pumps, hydraulic systems, seals, valves)

Variable speed, variable load and multi-directional applications down to 0.1RPM

Electrical discharge on high, medium and low voltage systems (transformers, poles & wires, MCC’s, relays, switchboards, etc)

So an incredibly versatile technology that can be used as a front line maintenance inspection tool or a high end condition monitoring and reliability improvement system. It easily integrates and compliments any existing technologies in place to assist in improved diagnosis and prognosis.

Want to learn more or request an onsite demonstration then contact us using the link below.

We are also offering a one day overview and applications workshop in September.

Further information and registration to Ultrasound Overview & Applications

Written by Ian Ware


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