Our Ultrasound product range

When remoteness , difficult access or Safety make it challenging to retrieve information from a test point, and there is no LAN or Wi-Fi available, the Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ Mobile phone unit is the ideal answer.

The Ultraprobe®  15000 is a super detection system that combines state-of-the-art technology with each and every known plant inspection requirement.

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 brings Ultra-sound Inspection technology to a whole new level. With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data.

The Ultraprobe ® 9000 Kit Complete is a digital Ultra-sound  inspection, information storage and retrieval system.

The Ultraprobe ® 9000 ATEX Kit Complete is a digital intrinsically safe Ultra-sound  inspection, information storage and retrieval system.

Advance your Energy and PdM programs with the Ultraprobe® 3000 Digital Inspection Systems.

The industry’s most comprehensive analog ultrasound instrument 

The industry’s most comprehensive intrinsically safe analog ultrasound instrument 

The perfect fit for someone looking for cost-effective analog Ultra-sound inspection technology.

Prevent under or over-lubrication with the digital Ultraprobe 401 Grease Caddy.

Prevent under or over-lubrication with the analog Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy.


Remote monitoring with the Ultra-Trak 750

4Cast is a smart alert system that records data and sounds continuously, issues alarms, sends data and sound samples to specialized software for analysis and reporting.

The OnTRAK real-time bearing and lubrication monitoring system utilizing the Ultra-Trak 750 sensor is designed to provide the earliest warning of bearing failure and prevent lubrication issues with simplicity and scale in mind


With the UE 4Site continuous online ultrasound inspection can be performed at all voltage levels (Low, medium and high) and is used to detect:

  • Corona

  • Partial discharge or tracking

  • Arcing

Quickly and easily inspect enclosed or hard-to-reach bearings with UE Systems permanent mounted Remote Access Sensors 

The VP12 provides a standardized location and method of accessing acoustic data inside closed cabinets 

UE Systems Ultrasound equipment comes with custom designed software to assist with professional interpretation of sound recordings. . 


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