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The Smart solution to stop lubrication related bearing failures

If you ever had a lubrication related bearing failure you need to have a look at the UE Systems OnTRAK SmartLube System:

The UE Systems OnTRAK Smart Lubrication System will not only monitor up to 16 bearings 24/7, it will also lubricate them when they need lubrication by activating an ATS Electro-luber via Blue tooth. The OnTRAK is a combination of the Ultra-Trak 750 Ultrasound sensors, the OnTRAK bearing monitoring unit and an ATS Electro-luber. So the Ultra-Trak 750 reads the bearing and the OnTRAK monitoring system will then intrepid the information and notify the Electro-luber to dispense grease when the dB level increases by 8dB. The best part is you can do all of this from your office / home / beach (don't tell the boss), etc.

The system is fast becoming a real success story.

If you want to know more about the system let me know or have a look on the website

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