UE 4Site 

 Manufacturer Specification

UE Systems 4Site

Online Monitoring Solutions for Critical Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment

With the UE 4Site continuous online ultrasound inspection can be performed at all voltage levels (Low, medium and high) and is used to detect:

  • Corona

  • Partial discharge or tracking

  • Arcing



Always Listening. The 4Site is listening in real-time for the first sign of high frequency sounds produced by arcing, tracking & corona.

Non-Invasive. Utilizing the power of airborne ultrasound, there is no contact with the electrical components of the equipment being monitored, making installation safer and easier.


Optimized Data. The 4Site is designed to reduce data overload and alert by exception. While the 4Site is always listening, it will only transmit informative data if a threshold is crossed and eliminating the need to transmit healthy data.


Scalability. Each 4Site is designed to monitor up to 4 locations simultaneously in one unit.