Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX Manufacturer Specification

Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX

The industry’s most comprehensive analogue ultrasound instrument with ATEX rating!

The Ultraprobe 2000ATEX flexibility and adaptability easily adjusts to meet a wide range of testing demands. This intrinsically safe instrument tests for leaks as well as performs mechanical and electrical inspections.

Find compressed air and faulty steam traps & prevent machinery failure.

Why Choose this instrument?

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable Frequency from 20 kHz  to 100 kHz

  • Accurate analogue meter with meter mode function

  • Ideally for point & shoot trouble shooting

  • For use in ATEX or EX zones without the need for exempt work permits

Intrinsically Safe / ATEX:

  • FM & CSA approved intrinsically safe: Class I, division 1, groups A-B-C-D

  • ATEX group IIC

  • CE approved

  • Concerned gasses: methane-propane-ethylene-acetylene-hydrogen

  • See the Certification section for a copy of a certificate for your review.


Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX kit.