UE OnTrak Bearing Monitoring 

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UE OnTrak Bearing Monitoring 

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Simplifying Remote IIoT Bearing Monitoring

The OnTRAK Remote IIoT Bearing monitoring system is a real-time bearing monitoring system utilizing the Ultra-Trak 750 sensor and is designed to provide the earliest warning of potential bearing failure. 



Ease of installation. Designed to mount near the assets being monitored, the OnTRAK requires fewer cables and installation time than traditional condition monitoring systems..

Multiple Communication Options. With three options to connect the OnTRAK system, ethernet, wi-fi or Cellular, gives you options on how to best integrate this system with your existing automation and IT infrastructure. 

Built for IIoT. Designed to give flexibility into how to store and visualize data. With Build in functionality supporting REST API calls over an HTTP (or HTTPS), it makes moving data into IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure , PTC Thingworxs and other platforms a breeze. 

Condition Monitoring in Minutes.  It accommodates up to 16 channels and built to scale from one system to hundreds, utilizing unique IDs and factory configuration, simply plug in, connect and data will be streaming in minutes. 

Maintenance-Free Operation.  Designed to limit or in most cases eliminate the need for any maintenance. With no battery to replace and maintenance-free operation of the sensor and system means any configuration changes can be done remotely from the comfort and safety of your desk.