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Ultra-Tek GSM4G 

Manufacturer Specification

Ultra-Tek GSM4G and GSM4G-EL

The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ Remote Ultrasonic Monitor
When remoteness , difficult access or Safety make it challenging to retrieve information from a test point, and there is no LAN or Wifi available, the Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ Mobile phone unit is the ideal answer. All you will need is mobile phone signal.

The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ unit will send an SMS to a linked mobile phone as soon as the equipment reaches a predetermined trigger point.

The user can then dial back to the GSM4G™ unit and view real time data on the equipment. The signal can be live streamed and used for analysis in the UE SPECTRALYZER™ Special Analysis software for diagnosis. 


The new GSM4G-EL™ unit now has the added ability to integrate with a ATS Titan ll Electro-Luber or an ATS Ultimate Electro-Luber to add grease to the bearing when required by sending an SMS instruction to activate the electro-luber.


The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ unit uses a standard phone sim card and a UE Systems Ultra-Trak 750™ Ultrasound sensor providing 24/7 real time information. The trigger points can be remotely set and altered by sending an SMS instruction to the unit. The user can dial in at any time to see real time information on the performance of the equipment. Each unit is PIN protected and multiple phones can dial in to see live data, if PIN is included.


The signal can be live-streamed and used for analysis in the UE SPECTRALYZER™ Special Analysis software for diagnosis

The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ unit can be permanently fixed to the equipment and can operate, using either 24VDC or 240 VAC power.


The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™GSM4G™ unit is fixed in an IP68 weatherproof container and can monitor the following any of the following Ultrasound readings: 

 Lack of lubrication in bearings
 Micro damage in bearings
 Overloading of a bearing
 Failure of a bearing
Steam Systems
 Steam trap condition
 Cavitation in pumps
 Overloading in pumps
 Condition of pump barrels
 Passing Valves
 Isolations

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