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Bearing being over-greased 

Video Using Ultrasound to do heat exchanger and compressor inspection 

Ultrasound surveys. 

Ultrasound surveys cover a wide range of mechanical and electrical applications


Ultra-TEk has qualified ISO level III and ISO level II certified personnel that can do or assist with developing surveys in the following categories



Mechanical inspection can provide information on the following:

  • Condition of bearings

  • Need for lubrication in bearings 

  • Faults in gearboxes, engins, and drive trains  


Ultrasound also work well on slow (and extremely slow) speed bearings and variable speed drives.. 


Electrical problems are also detected with ultrasonic translators. 


  • Arcing,

  • Tracking

  • Corona

  • Loose connections can be identified. 

  • Buss bars,

  • Switchgear,

  • Junction boxes, etc., educed.  



Ultrasonic detection can be used in a variety of leak situations since it is sound sensitive and not "gas” specific.

Vacuum leaks may be located in the same manner. Leas can be quantified and  the cost of a leak as well as the annual environmental impact of each leak can be calculated.  . 



Vales can be tested and leaking open and leaking valves can be identified. Cavitation in pumps can also be identified. 


Steam traps are easily inspected with Ultrasound and faulty vales identified. 


Video of Compressed air survey with Ultraprobe 15000.